Important Dates

1971 Don & Dolores Dissman opened the first Schlotzsky’s restaurant, located on South Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas, with only one menu item, The Original®, a sandwich with three meats, cheeses, lettuce, tomato, onion, black olives, mustard and garlic dressing on a signature, 8-inch sourdough bun for $2.95. “Just one Sandwich…It’s that Good!”

1974 Menu expands to three sandwiches – The Original®, Ham & Cheese and Cheese.

1977 First Schlotzsky’s restaurant franchised in Bryan/College Station, Texas.

1979 Introduces new “medium” 6-inch sandwich.

1980 158 restaurants operating in 14 states.

1981 John C. Wooley and investors acquire Schlotzsky’s from the Dissmans; systemwide sales of $19 million.

1982 Wheat bun introduced; redesign of logo and signs.

1983 First-ever Bun Run® 5k Race held  in Austin, Texas.

1984 Introduced two new sandwiches – Roast Beef and Turkey Breast; adopted used of steam-injected baking ovens.

1985 First prototype restaurant opens in San Antonio, Texas.

1986 Two-pass cheesemelter heating system introduced.

1987 Philly sandwich is introduced.

1988 First international restaurant opens in Canada.

1991 Deli concept introduced. Menu expanded to 15 sandwiches, 10 sourdough crust pizzas and five salads. Jalapeño and Dark Rye buns introduced.

1992 Schlotzsky’s Deli-Style Potato Chips introduced. The brand now operates 234 restaurants.

1995 Begin trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol BUNZ; franchises open in Turkey.

1996 Schlotzsky’s celebrates its 25th anniversary. The one-pass cheesemelter is designated as the conveyor heating system of the future for Schlotzsky’s Deli.

1997 New prototype, free-standing restaurant design introduced. Grilled chicken breast sandwich and pizzas added to the menu.

2005 Acquired by Bobby Cox Companies.

2006 Schlotzsky’s celebrates its 35th anniversary and is later purchased by Atlanta-based FOCUS Brands.

2007 Company enjoys stability and new expansion efforts under FOCUS Brands; hosts 25th Annual Bun Run, Austin’s longest-running 5k; launches first three-in-one promotion, the Angus Beef Round Up; opens co-brand locations with sister companies Cinnabon® and Carvel Ice Cream®; runs first online Winning Combination promotion and rewards one lucky winner with $25,000 a year for life; rank #75 in Fast Casual magazine’s Top 100 Movers & Shakers List.

2008 Holds first-ever T-shirt design contest for annual Schlotzsky’s Bun Run and awards $1,000 to winning artist; ranked #142 in Restaurants & Institutions magazine’s Top 400 Chains list; ranked #94 in Fast Casual magazines Top 100 Movers & Shakers list; ranked #322 in Entrepreneur magazine’s 2008 Franchise 500.

2009 Opens first “Lotz Better” prototype restaurant in Waco, TX. Ranked #181 in Entrepreneur magazine’s 2009 Franchise 500; ranked #98 in’s Top 100 Privately-Held Businesses in Texas; ranked #138 in Restaurant & Institutions magazine’s Top 400 Chains list; ranked #142 in Entrepreneur magazine’s Global Franchise list; received first-ever Platinum Hermes Creative Award for Big League Clubz TV campaign.

2010 Launches brand reinvention, which is literally and figuratively “All ‘Round Lotz Better,” and includes a new prototype restaurant featuring vibrant colors, playful slogans, contemporary furniture and artwork; introduces new service model where crew members hand-deliver food to tables. Named one of 50 Top Franchises for Minorities by the National Minority Franchising Initiative (NMFI) and named to Top 50 Franchises for Minorities list by USA Today. Ranked #183 in Entrepreneur magazine’s Global Franchise Rankings and ranked #247 in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500.

2011 Celebrates 40th anniversary with national $1.99 small The Original® special, discontinues Panini sandwiches, introduces new line of fresh, made-to order salads, table service and updated menuboards. Ranked #52 in Fast Casual magazine’s top 100 Movers & Shakers list; ranked #162 in Entrepreneur magazine’s Global Franchise Rankings; received Gold Hermes Creative Award for Route 66 TV campaign.

2012 Schlotzsky’s celebrates seven consecutive years of positive same store sales growth. Announced JDRF as corporate national cause and hosted systemwide promotion, collecting more than $150,000 for the organization. Ranked #128 in Technomic Top 500 Chain Restaurants; ranked #64 in QSR 50 Contenders; received Platinum Hermes Creative Award for Hand-Carved Sandwiches TV campaign and Gold Hermes Creative Award for Evergreen TV campaign.

2013 Named World Class Franchise by the Franchise Research Institute. Ranked #137 in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500. Ranked #5 in The Daily Meal’s list of 25 Best Chain Sandwich Shops.

2014 Named World Class Franchise by the Franchise Research Institute for the second year. Ranked 2nd in Consumer Reports survey of top sandwich chains. Ranked #41 in Fast Casual magazine’s Top 100 Movers & Shakers list and president Kelly Roddy ranked #5 in their list of Top 25 People. 

65 Responses

  1. why did you close all your central florida locations? me and my family drove all the way to gainsville (120 miles) just for one of your sandwich’s. it was worth it.

    • Hi David,

      Our Florida locations are franchise-owned and the ones that closed did so for a variety of reasons. But we are so grateful that you and your family took the time to go to Gainesville for our sandwiches! Glad to hear it was worth it and thanks so much for your dedication to Schlotzsky’s.

      Amanda Palm

  2. The closest store is about 35 miles from us in Athens, GA. Are there any new stores opening closer to our 30052 zip code?

    • Hi Myra,

      We always have our eyes peeled for great locations to open additional restaurants. If we make plans to open a restaurant in your area, we’ll be sure to let you know. Also – we do have a location in Duluth that is only 17 miles from your zip, as well as a location in Norcross that is 21 miles away. You should give one of those a try!

      Amanda Palm

  3. being in the Military and moving every few years gives you a chance to try new restaurants but when you move away from your favorite ones it is horrible. i became a fan when I was stationed in TX & then there were a few somewhat close in GA & FL that closed. now I live in Columbia, MD and there are not any Schlotzsky’s in the state of MD. On a good note, I’m currently on temporary duty in SC for a few weeks and I have visited the Columbia, SC location. I think that Schlotzsky’s would do great in Columbia, Md. Maybe you could do some market research in that area. It just ranked #2 in Money magazines top 100 best places to live in the United States.

    • Karen –

      First of all – thank you for your service to our country! Now, as for Schlotzsky’s in Maryland – we are always looking for new locations for our restaurants and appreciate your dedication to our brand and for letting us know about Columbia. We’ll pass this info along to our development team. In the meantime, we hope you get your fill of Schlotzsky’s while you’re in SC!

      Amanda Palm

      • I just noticed the letter from Karen asking for a Schlotzskys in Columbia, MD. I second that. My wife and I grew up in Texas and have been Schlotzskys lovers for many years. We have been without a Schlotzskys within driving distance for nearly 10 years, There was one in DC for a short time after arriving in Maryland. The closest Schlotskys is 130 miles away. There is a Cinnabon in Columbia Mall, if it is a sister company why not put a Schlotzsky in the mall?

  4. We have followed you from Dallas (1989) to Central Florida (even locked our keys in the car at the deli (1990-2001) to Myrtle Beach (2004-2007-Bike week) to just a few weeks ago while on a 1 day trip to Tucson Az (we past one when we left the airport)…Quickly made a U-turn. YUMYUM YUM…But we miss you the most in the Indianpolis area where we live. But we see that you are in Vegas…so Vegas here we come. Can’t wait.

  5. Hi there,
    A while back I found larger bags of your chips as I was driving through Texas. Do you still sell the chips at grocery stores, etc. anywhere in Austin?

    • Hi Adam,

      We are sad to say we don’t have the large bags of chips available anymore. Bummer, huh? We’re sorry about that, but you can stock up on the small bags at any Schlotzsky’s restaurant.

      Amanda Palm

  6. Hello,

    My brother and I used to work at one of your locations in Orlando. We loved working there. I am still in the food industry and I would love it if a Schlotsky’s opened up back in Orlando. I would jump at the chance to be the GM as well… so if you ever decide to open one here again… give me a call… I would do Schlotzsky’s PROUD !!!!!! Also I have old customers from my Schlotzsky’s days who still chat with me about the good ole days when Schlotzsky’s was around…. WE MISS IT DEARLY !!!!

  7. Well all I know is people can say all the negative stuff they want about Schlotzsky’s Deli but I never will,if I didnt like their food I would have never won $25.000 a year for life , great food , great people , they changed my life for the better & I thank them for it from the bottom of my heart…Candy Lawson…

  8. okay is it true schlotzskys is coming back to texas city tx

    • Hi Jacob – Yes, it’s true! Schlotzsky’s is coming to Texas City! We’re scheduled to open mid-January, but keep tabs on our Facebook page and this site and we’ll keep you updated with specific dates!

      Amanda Palm

  9. I’m curious in Texas City too…I saw the Schlotsky’s/Cinnabon sign in Texas City on Palmer Hwy & 31st Street, but what date is it going to open?

    • Hey Becky –

      You have the correct address – the Schlotzsky’s is going to be at the old Hollywood Video location at 3325 Palmer Highway. Right now, we’re aiming for a mid-January opening, but keep tabs on our Facebook page and this site for details.

      Amanda Palm

  10. Amanda,

    I wanted to let you know about one of your team mates of Schlotzsky’s located in Nacogdoches, Tx. I try to have lunch with my daughter once a week at schcool and she is a picky eater. So, when I go thru the drive thru your team mate, Jennifer seperates the sandwich with all the topings from the one with just ham and cheese, without me asking. She has done this from done one contiunes to do so and is always friendly and was so excited about your new chip bags. This is a team member that exceeds customer expectations. I wanted to share this information with you and being in the customer serive industry for over 15 years, I can gurantee to you, that its hard to find employees like Jennifer. At the end of the day, it comes down to, two things as I see it. Taking care of customers and taking care of your employees. Jennifer takes care of me and my daughter and I hope you do the same for her.

    Thank you,


    • John,

      Thank you so very much for sharing this information with us. I am glad to hear of the great job Jennifer is doing in our restaurant and I’ll be sure to pass this along to the franchise owner in Nacogdoches. Thanks for being such a loyal Schlotzsky’s fan!

      Amanda Palm

      • Amanda,

        Maybe I need to attend school with my daughter, especially in her spelling class. Ha ha.

  11. I had my very first Schlotsky’s at the little shop above. I nearly fainted when I saw the picture. We moved to South Austin in 1968. I used to drive my husband to work every day down Congress Avenue over the bridge to Scarbroughs department store so we passed the little gray building daily. We loved it so much that whenever we had company we always took our company to our favorite little sandwich shop. It was always a big hit. I now live in the Orlando Florida area and I was elated when I purchased my first Scholtsky’s here. I was extremely saddened when all the Schlotsky’s here closed. I have been getting my Schlotsky’s fix about once a year when I go back to Texas to visit my daughter and grandkids. Looks like I only have to travel 100 miles to get my next Schlotsky’s fix. It is the best sandwich in the world. I love you Schlotsky’s.

    • I feel you… I worked at one of the Schlotzsky’s here back in the day and I miss it soo much !!! They need to bring them back. Nothing in Orlando compares to Schlotzsky’s !!!!

  12. I am so excited, I finally have vacatino coming up and my first stop is Gaineville. Why Gainesville you ask ? Because that is where the closest Schlotzsky’s is to me. I am in Orlando… PLEASE COME BACK TO ORLANDO WE MISS YOU !!!!!!!!

  13. I am a 30 year Schlotzsky’s fan. The last Schlotzsky’s closed in Indianapolis due to a very poor location. We would love to see a new restaurant open in the Indy area. Whenever I travel, I always look for a nearby Schlotzsky’s.

  14. PLEASE come back to McKinney, TX. You were here years ago in a bad location.
    As one of the fastest growing cities in America, AND in the top 5 places to live in America (Money Magazine, 2010), I would think Schlotzsky’s would want to be right in the middle of that! We’ve had so many places open up, but they are no match for Schlotzsky’s.

    • Hi Susan,

      We haven’t quite made it back to McKinney, but we do have locations close by in Allen, Frisco and Plano. We definitely have plans to continue expanding through the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, so we’ll keep you posted if we open a location in McKinney!

      Amanda Palm

  15. I noticed you’ve scaled back locations in LA over the past few years. I travel around the state and look forward to lunch at Schlotzsky’s in Alexandria and Lafayette. Any plans for new locations in LA? I live in the New Orleans area.

    • Hi Mike,

      We’re always keeping our eyes open for new locations. Right now we don’t have any immediate plans to expand in Louisiana, but if we do, we’ll let you know!

      Amanda Palm

  16. My husband & I live in Clermont, FL. We can’t wait to know your other locations in FL besides Orlando. Please keep us posted. A very good location would be in the Wintergarden Villaage which is a beautiful new shopping center with lots of activeity. Hope to be able to visit one of your new stores soon!!

    • Thanks for the comment, Mary. Keep tabs on us here and on our Facebook ( page for information about exactly where the new restaurants will be in Orlando. We’re really excited to be heading back to that area.

  17. Sadness is looming in the Portland, Oregon area since the closing of our only location in Tualatin!! Personally, I’ve driven 3 hours for a Shlotzsky sandwich but just haven’t been able to swing it. Is there any word on another shop opening up around here? They are greatly missed!

  18. I’m in Austin, TX. I heard that on June 29th, this Wednesday, your original sandwich will be on sale for $1.99 at all our Austin locations to celebrate your anniversary. Is this true?

  19. Do you plan to open any stores in the 20707 zip code

  20. Also I would like to know if one will be opening in the 91320 zip

  21. Hi! Just wondering when/if you will be returning the the Orlando/Tampa markets? I live in the Tampa area…all of the sudden today, Schlotzky’s came to mind and I remembered the one that was in Clearwater in the early 2000’s….that was my last Schlotzkys sandwich. Please advise. I need to reunite! 😉

    thank you, shaun

    • Hi Shaun,
      We are planning to return to the Orlando market! Woo! Right now, we’re searching for the perfect location for our restaurant. As soon as we find the right spot, we’ll be sure to let folks know where we’ll be and when we’ll open! So hang tight for just a little longer!

  22. Hi love the original . Lived in Colorado for a short time and now miss the sandwiches in Pittsburgh Pa area. Since the marcellus shale boom is bringing workers in from Texas this would be a great location. we have a local casino and tanger outlets in north strabane twp close to larger Pittsburgh area and shopping nearby in south strabane twp too. Please consider us for a new deli location .

  23. When will you be opening locations in South Jersey?

  24. Heard a rumor that there is a location going in in downtown Fort Worth, Tx. Is this true???

  25. Heard you are coming to the South Jersey/Philadelphia market? Where
    in South Jersey and when? Thank you

  26. we loved it,Las Colinas needed this tipe of good food, now try this also,

  27. Do you have plans to open a place in Tifton, Ga. or Albany, Ga in the near future? email……
    Thank you………

  28. It’s been over a year since the Schlotzsky’s in Tuscaloosa, AL was destroyed. Is there any word on a rebuild?

    • We are still working to rebuild in Tuscaloosa. We’ve run into some issues getting the site under construction, but we have every intention of coming back to Tuscaloosa – it’s just taking longer than we expected. Thank you for your patience! – Amanda

    • How excited we are that construction is well under way on the Schlotzsky’s Tuscaloosa! As an employee of that restaurant on 15th Street, I can assure you we are thrilled and look forward to serving our wonderful customers again – hopefully by the end of November. Bonnie S.

      • Grand opening date for Schlotzsky’s Tuscaloosa is Wednesday, November 28th. See you then!

    • Grand opening date for Schlotzsky’s Tuscaloosa AL is Wednesday, November 28th. See you then! Check our facebook page for updates, too.

  29. i read somewhere that you were marketing the larger bags of chips at places like Walmart and Costcos. Are you not still doing that? My sister that lives in Detroit just came down to visit and was so happy that we still had you guys. All the stores in Detroit closed several years back. She REALLY loves your bbq chips. I was going to buy several larger bags and ship them to her, but i can’t find them? Help!!-Kathy

    • You’re right, Kathy. We did sell large bags of our chips in various retail outlets and supermarkets, but unfortunately, that product line was discontinued. Right now, the only place to get our chips is at a restaurant. I realize this isn’t as convenient as getting a big bag, but our restaurants will sell you as many small bags as you need. – Amanda

  30. Please, oh please consider opening a restaurant in Fort Wayne, IN. Years ago we used to have one in town and we all miss it desperately. Now we’d have to drive 100 miles to Battle Creek, MI or Maumee, OH. My family eating there alone would be enough to support a franchise. We have a population of over 400k here most dedicated foodies. There isn’t a better sandwich out there than Schlotzsky’s!

  31. You guys have plans to open a store in Stillwater OK, do you happen to know when that will be? My mouth is watering in anticipation…. It was announced in April with a tenative date sometime in the fall, but I’m pretty impatient and excited they’re bringing it back!!

  32. Where are you opening in Orange County California

  33. You finally opened one in NJ! After the NYC store closed and the DC suburb store closed I was in mourning for the greater NorthEast! The only question I have is WHY Englewood? Yes it’s a shopping mall, but It’s four miles from the nearest even small university, not on the major roads of the area, people in Bergen County like restaurants in walking distance and half the neighboring towns are Orthodox and would not eat this type of food. If this issue ever comes up again, you want New Brunswick or Newark!

  34. I heard a person say to another, in your Edina Mn location that a new store is opening in Brooklyn Park, and other Minneapolis locations too. I sure hope so. I am finding nothing on this on line…but wait with anticipation anyway. Here s hoping

    • We just opened a new location in Brooklyn Center at Shingle Creek. And yes – there are definitely more locations to come in the MSP area! We can’t wait! Thanks for checking – Amanda

  35. It was a sad day when the Schlotzsky’s closed near my home in Cobb, GA. Alas, there are 3 others nearby, just off my normal drive home from ATL. One just off I-75 and Windy Hill know me well.

    “Lrg Turkey Original” – all the way!

    Used to live in Austin (Hook Em!) and always loved Schlotzsky’s. Mom became a fan in Austin as well, and made a trip to the Raleigh, NC Schlotzsky’s weekly after moving to that part of the country. Mom died a few years ago after very long and amazing life, but even the last week, she had a Schlotzsky’s sandwich with a smile.

    I feel really bad for all the people who have to drive more than 5 miles to get a Schlotzsky’s.

  36. Is Schlotzskys opening a new store in Lake Jackson Texas. ….would be great

  37. I would like to know when Schlotzsky’s is going to open in the Lake Jackson Walmart

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