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  1. I really enjoyed a sandwich there yesterday and would like to receive coupons in the future for more.

  2. Hi Justin,

    So glad you enjoyed your sandwich and thanks so much for visiting. Head over to and click on the “Join Our eClub” link. You can sign up for the Bun & Fun eClub and you’ll start receiving coupons.

    Thanks again for visiting Schlotzsky’s!
    Amanda Palm

  3. Back in 1981, a few of us baked the bread for Schlotzsky’s in a warehouse. There were 6 of us, Patti Lindsay, Rob Allen, etc. We worked from 7am till the last batch was done. What a blast we had in that little warehouse baking bread from scratch. I love the sandwiches still to this day. The menu got bigger but, I never forgot we were the first bread bakers. Hope Steve and his brother are part of the company.

  4. You have closed a restaurant on 120th Ave in Norhglenn, CO and a restaurant in Loveland, CO.
    We miss having it close to us. In fact, we haven’t been able to eat there since you closed these. Any plans in the future to open up some more restaurants? Northglenn/ Westminster/ Thornton area? Loveland area?

  5. Hi Brenda,

    I can’t spill the beans just yet, but I will tell you that we do have plans to open additional locations in Colorado. Keep tabs on our site and we’ll let you know more just as soon as we can!

    Amanda Palm

  6. I noticed today that my regular sized soda cup had a stereogram on it — although I could see nothing in 3D.

    Is this part of a current or future promotion (e.g. find the coupon code in the stereogram?)

    Love the pizza!

    • Hi Tad,

      I’m not sure what you mean by “stereogram” on your cup. We don’t have any type of hidden coupons or codes on our cups. We do have an exciting customer contest to go along with our current Route 66 promotion that kicks off on July 1, so be sure to keep an eye out at your local Schlotzsky’s and here at this site. We’ll announce the details very soon! Thanks for visiting and so glad you love the pizza!

      Amanda Palm

  7. I miss your deli so badly! I am in Framingham Massachusetts and was also a former employee at the framingham location. Since it closed i have not been able to have a great sandwich or the BBQ chicken pizza. Any plans to reopen in MA or somewhere close. We recently visited KC area and had a great original and turkey bacon and that made me want more. Is there a way to get some delivered to my home? A former employee missing her schlotzsky’s fix
    Thank you
    Marla (Krashin) McNulty
    former employee

    • Hi Marla!
      Schlotzsky’s is always looking to expand, and we’ll be sure to let you know if we make plans to open up in Massachusetts. Sadly, we can’t ship our food, but I hope you can continue to get your Schlotzsky’s fix when you travel. And thanks for being such a dedicated customer and former employee!

      Amanda Palm

      • I agree, I miss the Framingham one too. Ate there a few months back outside of Dallas, TX and it made me miss it more.

  8. Our daughter (33 yrs.) has absolutely loved going to Schlotzsky’s in Greenville , SC but has moved to Flagstaff, Arizona and has commented that she misses going and wishes one to be opened in Flagstaff………where there is ASU (Arizona State University) .
    It, obviously, is on Route 66 and would be a wonderful location…….a vacation home mecca of Phoenix.
    Thank you,, Kay Purser

    • Hi Kay,

      You know, you’re right – a location along Route 66 in Flagstaff would be perfect, but as of right now, the closest Schlotzsky’s to Flagstaff are in Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ. Our Arizona locations are franchise-owned, so if anyone decides to open up a location in Flagstaff, we’ll be sure to let you know! Thanks for your interest.

      Amanda Palm

  9. You had a Franchise of Schlotzsky’s in Torrance, CA. Any plans of opening one in the South Bay Area? The closest one to us is 24 miles.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Mimi,

      You are correct – right now the closest location to you in Torrance is our Brea location. Our California locations are franchise-owned, so if anyone decides to open a location closer to Torrance, we’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks for contacting us!

      Amanda Palm

  10. You used to have a location on Washington Road in Martinez, GA. I miss your restaurant. The location was terrible though .. probably why you closed? Hope you consider this area again. Evans, GA would be a great location. Would you please tell me what was in your original sandwich so I could try my best to make one at home? Thanks!

  11. hola soy de jalisco me encanta el pastrami visite fort worth me gusto todo de fort wort. gracias

  12. Do you have any plans of opening locations in Connecticut in the near future?

    • Hi Patty,

      For now, we don’t have plans to open up any restaurants in Connecticut. The majority of our locations are franchise-owned, so if anyone decides to open a location in the Connecticut, we’ll let you know. Thanks for contacting us!

      Amanda Palm

  13. HI, I am currently residing in Reno, NV and believe it would be a great investment in starting a business in Northern Nevada. I was born and raised in Arizona and was employed at one of your establishments and believe you have the most amazing sandwiches. I am currently 3 months pregnant and am craving your sandwiches to the max. Please consider! Thanks. Have a great day!!!

  14. Hi,
    first off , let me say how delicious your sandwiches are..i live in cleveland, oh. The closest schlotzky’s for us is at 21 miles. Do you have any plans of opening up in cleveland area..i bet u are going to have a warm welcome for all the delicious sandwiches!!! and not to forget the pizza…yummm….Miss them so much

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for the compliment. We’re glad you love our sandwiches! We’re always looking for opportunities for new restaurants, and we’ll be sure to let you know if we set our sights on the Cleveland area.

      Amanda Palm

  15. I love your sandwiches! Is their any chance you will open a shop in the Tacoma, Wa area? The nearest location is a 3-5hr drive. Thanks

  16. I was hoping that Schlotzsky’s would be coming to upstate New York. The closest one is in Ohio and I really miss the soups(cheese soup is off the hook!) and sandwiches I had when I lived in Colorado. Please consider franchising in the Binghamton, NY area.

    Thank You!

  17. After eating at your Athens, GA restaurant (1490 Baxter St.), I attempted to complete survey online. I needed the store number–not on receipt. I called the restaurant and no one (including the owner) knew the store number!!

  18. Love the new web site and rebranding. Love the interactive promotion. Great job Marketing!

  19. Hi,

    There used to be a Shlotzsky’s in Midtown Manhattan in NYC but sadly there are none in NYC area. I come from Aurora, CO where there is one & I loved the place.

    Are there any plans to open any in the NYC area?

    • Hi Jamie –

      We really loved our Manhattan location and miss being in New York. Unfortunately, we don’t have future plans to re-open in the NYC area. Most of our locations are franchise-owned, so if anyone decides to open a location in New York, we’ll be sure to let you know!

      Amanda Palm

  20. I live in SW Okla. and there are none of your sandwich shops around and I was wondering if you had any intentions of selling your bread online?

    • Hi Jan –

      You’re right, we don’t have any Schlotzsky’s locations in SW Oklahoma, though we do have a restaurant in Wichita Falls, TX, if you ever make it that way. As for our bread – we take a lot of pride in the fact that we bake it fresh every day in our restaurants, so selling it online isn’t something we’re able to do. Sorry about that! We know how addicting our bread can be!

      Amanda Palm

  21. Hello-

    My son and I just visited his grandmother in the hospital. we were both kinda down about the visit. I suggested we go to Schlotzsky’s right across the street.

    We walk up to the counter and was greeted by the nicest man. He smiled the whole time and explained to me what was in the original. I don’t know, there was some thing about this young man and his personality that brightened our day. The man’s name is Darian
    we went to the Scholtzsky’s on 4600 MacCorkle Ave.
    South Charleston, WV 25309

    I’ve always loved Schlozsky’s now I love it even more!!

    Thanks, Grace

    • Hi Grace,

      Thanks so much for sharing your recent experience at Schlotzsky’s. We are sorry to hear about your family member being in the hospital, but are happy that Schlotzsky’s was able to brighten your day! We’ll be sure to pass this info along to the franchise owner of that location so Darian can be recognized. Thanks for being a devoted Schlotzsky’s fan!

      Amanda Palm

  22. There is a sign on top of a building at 41st St. and Yale Ave. in Tulsa, Oklahoma that says a Schlotzsky’s is coming to that site. When? Since we drive 10.6 miles one way, once a week to get our Schlotzsky’s and this new one will be 3 blocks from us, we’re anxious!

  23. have you given the 2011 camaro away ?

  24. Please send coupons!! Love your food!!

  25. PLEASE open one in Cedar Rapids, IA!!! I would even open it if I had the funds!

  26. My husband and I ate at your store on Barry Rd. the food there was very good and the service was very friendly.Iam sure that we will be eating there again. The cinnabuns were amazing!

  27. You guys used to have a location in Mobile, Alabama that sadly closed. The closest one to us now is in Montgomery. Any plans on moving back to the gulf coast?

  28. I love the all beef sandwich!!!

  29. WHY?? on earth dont you have one in manhattan!!! the one place which should have the best sandwich shop in the world . I seached and one was attempted in 95 on 56th st and 6th ave

    • We used to be in Manhattan, but it closed a few years ago. On a personal note, I used to work near that location when I lived in NYC and spent many lunch hours enjoying Schlotzsky’s, so I can definitely sympathize with how much you miss it! Sorry we aren’t still there, but if we ever make it back to Manhattan, we’ll let you know!

      Amanda Palm

  30. I grew up in Carrollton Texas and loved the sandwiches, it was owned by a childhood friend, infact she owned 2 shops. Now live in New York and ther are sub shops on every corner but they cannot compair to you, Oh how we miss them!!! I wish there was a shop closer than 300 miles away 🙂

  31. Was wondering if there are any plans to open stores back up in the Indianapolis/Greenwood, IN area? We used to go every Friday night to Greenwood location. When we talk with our grandgirls about it, they have no idea. We loved it and don’t know why you left!! Please come back!!!!!!

  32. We are big fans and love to eat at your Spokane, WA. facillity. I am a little unhappy with your web site trying to get coupons you offer. We will continue eating there regardless.

  33. I love Schlotzskys!

  34. I Love Schlotzskys! My family and I used to eat there all of the time when we lived in Virginia. I was so in love with the place that I ate their all of the time. I ate my first sandwich when I was pregnant with my youngest child. We moved to Florida years ago and miss your sandwiches, baked potatoe soup, and desserts etc. When will you open one here where I live now in Jacksonville, Florida 32244
    or in Middleburg, Florida 32068 Which is also closer to me.
    Please???? Thank You, Cynthia J. Norman

    • Hi Cynthia,

      Thanks for being such a dedicated Schlotzsky’s fan. We understand how much you miss Schlotzsky’s. Right now, we don’t have any immediate plans to expand in Florida, but keeps tabs on this page and our Facebook page ( for updates!

  35. I live in Moore, OK and was wondering when the new one that is being built will open. I can’t wait till it does!

  36. I have a Schlotzskys giftcard and it says on the card for a balance inquiry I can go online. However, I have checked the website and I am unable to find anywhere to do that. Do I really have to make a trip to Schlotzskys just to get my balance?

  37. Hello There,

    My wife and I really enjoy Schlotzskys, we live in the San Francisco bay area and have to make trips to Bakersfield (the closest shop) if we want a sandwich, I hoping that there is some plans for Schlotzskys to open in the bay area. I drive around allot for work and see great locations that I think Schlotzskys would thrive.
    On a side note I used to be a bun delivery driver in Albuquerque when Schlotzskys first opened in the Albuq. Fun Times!!

  38. Loyal Schlotzsky’s fans are still waiting for a store to reopen in Indianapolis, IN?. The nearest store is over 100 miles away!

  39. I bought a bag of Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips at the Bastrop store and one of my chips was shaped exactly, and I mean exactly (!!) like a fish. Did you all create special fish-shaped potatoes for these? Or was my fish a happy instance of lagniappe?

    • Hi Kim!

      Oh, if only we were that clever and creative. 😉 Sounds like your fish chip was indeed a case of random lagniappe! Hope you enjoyed it!

      Amanda Palm

  40. When will there be a Schlotzsky’s in the St. Louis, MO area?

    • We don’t have a specific site opening in St. Louis, but would love to get back there! That area is open for development, so if you know of someone wanting to open 3 or more restaurants please have them contact us.

  41. Hi, Love Schlotzsky’s! Do you still have the nights for samples – not sure what it is called? If so, do they do them in Denton TX location? How do I
    get an invitation?

    • Many of our restaurants host VIP nights to sample new sandwiches, so yes, we still have them, To make sure you’re included, sign up for our Bun & Fun eClub and if you want to be included on for anything the Denton location does, choose that as your preferred location.

  42. VERY DISAPPOINTED to not see the Mediterranean Pizza on the menu any more.. What gives? That was the only decent thing I, as a vegetarian, could get. And while you offer a Veggie Pizza, drowning it in parm cheese before handing it to me doesn’t make it vegetarian. Parm cheese is not vegetarian friendly..


    • Tracey – We are very sorry to hear how much you miss the Mediterranean Pizza. We recently overhauled our menu and sadly, there were a few items we had to cut. We do still have good veggie options, though – the Veggie Pizza and Veggie Sandwich and we have a new line of fresh-tossed salads, too. We hope you can find something new on our menu!

  43. Do you know when you are coming to Orlando??? We really miss you out here.

  44. Do you have any plans to open a Schlotzsky’s in Glendpool okla? I think you have the best sandwiches that have ever been made. I eat one every time I get a chance. THANKS CURTIS.

  45. Can I get coupons for food?

  46. Dear Schlotzsky,

    You do not make it easy to sign up for your 40 year anniversary, “one sandwich per week for a year. Apparently it is the best kept secret on the planet…even the two franchises in our area did not know what we were talking about. I look at your website and do not see anything about signing up, other than for the bun club of which we are already members. Perhaps the winner of the prize is the one who can figure out how to register??? Well…we lose. It is now October 30, and I guess we were not smart enouh to figure out how to sign up. Too bad, because we really like the Schlotzsky sandwich. perhaps next time

    • We apologize if the contest was a bit confusing. If you are already a Bun & Fun eClub member, you are automatically entered for a chance to win the free Schlotzsky’s contest. So have no fear! You were already signed up and you didn’t even know it! Best of luck to you!

  47. I have been trying to sign on to your home page to get some info but it won’t open. I went to one of your restaurants the first week of this month after not having been in about 6 months. I ordered a smoked turkey sandwich and at the window was told if I wanted cheese on it that I would have to pay extra. Every sandwich I have ever purchased here always had cheese included. Is this a new policy? If so I think I will have to start going elsewhere. Please forward this e-mail to the person on charge because I haven’t been able to and would like an answer.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Kathleen – Our smoked turkey breast sandwich is actually one of ten sandwiches on our menu that does not have cheese on it. I definitely understand your frustration, but please know it’s not a new policy, it’s just the way those particular sandwiches are made. You can review the complete menu here: – Amanda

  48. At one time we had 4 Schlotzskys in the St. Louis, Mo area including one in St. Charles and now we don’t have any. Our area truly misses these sandwiches and would appreciate having at least one restaurant that we could go to even if we had to drive a piece to get there. Please consider building one here again. I know it would do very well. Thank you

    • Was there a reply to my question?

      • Hi Terri – Sorry we missed this comment! We understand how much you miss Schlotzsky’s and we’re always looking for new areas to open, particularly places we used to be. Right now, we don’t have any immediate plans to open in the St. Louis area, but we’ll definitely keep it in mind! Thanks for being such a dedicated fan! – Amanda

  49. Hi, I really love Schlotsky’s and I was craving one today. I am 25 weeks pregnant and I asked them to make the meat on an “Original” extra hot because of my concern about pregnancy issues and listeria. I did not ask them the temp, but later I learned that it needs to be steaming and at least 165 degrees. Do you know what temp the stores use? My sandwich was fairly hot, but I am still a little concerned. My store is in The Woodlands, Tx on Sawdust Rd. Thank you, Susan

    • Hi Susan – You can rest easy! All of our meats are fully cooked and our cheesemelters do heat our sandwiches to 165 degrees. So you can continue to enjoy Schlotzsky’s for the remainder of your pregnancy. – Amanda

  50. Please open one in Orlando! I have to go to Gainsville this week and I just mapped out directions to your location there. Haven’t been to a Schlotzky’s in years, used to go when I livedin Nashville and have been wondering about where it went?! Hopeful that it will be as good as I remember? Hoping you still offer that soda bread. It was awesome.

    • We’re working on getting locations opened again in Orlando. It’s most definitely on our radar, just need to find the perfect spot. Thanks for making the trip to Gainesville! Hope it was great! – Amanda

  51. I have loved Schlotsky’s sandwiches, pizzas and salads for YEARS! One of my favorites is the Thai Chicken Pizza, but sadly, it is no longer on the menu. However, I have been able to order it, but again, sadly, the sauce has been changed from the most awesome peanut sauce to a teriyaki sauce that I do not like at all. Is there a reason for this change? Please bring the peanut sauce back … thanks!

    • We’re sorry you miss the Thai Chicken Pizza. In our recent menu overhaul back in August, that was one of the items that sadly didn’t make the cut. There are still restaurants that will make it, but if it’s not something they get requests for on a regular basis, they won’t always keep all the necessary ingredients on hand – hence no peanut sauce. We hope you can forgive us! 🙂 = Amanda

  52. Dear Schlotzsky’s,

    I have always enjoyed eating the sandwiches, in fact, living in Texas, especially in Austin, it was our favorite lunch time hangout.

    I was very disappointed yesterday (3/4/12) with the young lady behind the counter, I don’t know what her problem was but her attitude needs to change. I will say this, someone needs to monitor those teens as she was very friendly with her co-workers (hugging, kissing and flirting).

    The music was also loud and it kept playing the same artist which included some adult lyrics….is that normal?

    I write to you because I know feed back is very important – I’m a business owner myself and always appreciate the concerns of my customers.

    The product is the reason I’ll go back to the PTC store.

    Thank you

    • Thank you for the feedback. You’re right – it is very important for us to hear what is going on in our restaurants. I have forwarded your feedback along with your email address to our customer service department. Someone will be contacting you soon regarding this issue. Thanks! – Amanda

  53. There use to be a location in Clearwater Florida and Tampa Florida but have been gone for a real long time- Any chance opeing a locationin the central area like Tampa FLorida –

    • Yes! We are definitely heading back to Florida. We’re currently in the long process of looking for the perfect site before we move forward. We really want to be back in southern & central Florida. – Amanda

  54. Pleeeeze don’t discontinue the Braised Beef sandwich. I am a loyal Schlotsky fan and it is the absolute BEST sandwich in town. Thanks, GC

    • We aren’t discontinuing, but it is part of a limited time promotion so unfortunately, it won’t be around forever. You can still get your fill until June 3, though. And since these sandwiches have been so popular, I can promise they’ll be back again in the future. – Amanda

  55. Schlotzsky’s,
    I live in Tyler, TX…we have several Schlotzskys, but no Cinnabon or combination stores..any plans to add the Cinnabon brand to either store
    or build a new one? We need Cinnabon’s in East Texas!!

    • Hey Ron – We agree! We do need Cinnabon in East Texas. Right now, it’s up to the individual franchisee to choose whether or not to add Cinnabon and there aren’t any immediate plans to do so. Bummer, we know. – Amanda

    • We do need Cinnabon in East Texas! Sadly, we don’t have any current plans to add Cinnabon to our current locations there, but if that changes, we’l;l be sure to let you know! – Amanda

  56. We have plenty of Cinnabons in MA but no Schlotzskys.

  57. How come there are no Schlotzskys in New York?

    • We used to have locations there, but sadly no more. We’d love to have a NY presence again, but we haven’t had anyone interested in opening up there. We are opening in New Jersey and Philadelphia later this year, though. Not New York, I know, but at least we’re making our way up the east coast! – Amanda

  58. Any prospects yet of a schlotsky’s in the St. Louis, mo area?

  59. Dear Schlotsky’s, I know this is an unusual question but I have a bet with someone over this. Did your shop previously sell french fries? This would be mid or late eighties to early 1990s. Weird question I know, but this was a contentious debate and you would ease a lot of minds in Las Vegas.

    • I checked with our corporate historian (aka – the guy who’s been here forever) and he says this is TRUE. We did have some renegade locations back in the day that served french fries. The last restaurant to do so was in Santa Fe and they pulled the fries around 1993. Congrats to whoever won the bet! – Amanda

  60. Just to make sure, Las Vegas was one of those stores, yes?

  61. What are the chances of a Schlotsky’s opening in st. Charles Mo? We took a vacation to panama city beach and after many years enjoyed our beloved original. Please return to our area.

  62. Ok, a Texas Schlotzsky, a chocolate crunchy-filled Carvel ice cream cake and a Cinnabon for the next morning’s breakfast sounds like the best birthday ever!!! I live in Maitland, FL and we are starving for good food locations. This is an affluent suburb of Orlando where there are plans to revitalize some eating and shopping areas in our downtown. You need to come back to this area and open one in Maitland. When are the Orlando locations opening up?

    Can’t wait.

  63. We need you to open a chain in Orlando, Fl. ASAP the closest resturant to us is in Gainesville Fl ……when will you be adding chains to the Orlando area? Please hurry!!!!! its been 10 years

  64. you have a great shop. i asked about the muffeletaand the nice time i came in he remember me and said the name is different.i liked muffeleta can you bring it back and put a shop on thesorner of ih20 and mineral wells please.also can you lower the salts.thanks

  65. Love the Fiesta Chicken San!!

  66. The bread is not as good as it used to be in the 80’s & 90’s. Is the taste difference cost cutting measures or preservatives?

    • Very sorry to hear you feel that way. Our bread hasn’t change much, if at all, in the last 41 years. We still bake it fresh daily and make sure it’s fluffy and toasted so your sandwiches are perfect. – Amanda

  67. The bread is wonderful! It is what makes the sandwich.

  68. Duluth, MN’s store closed this week. It was a surprise to so many. No word or press, hated to see it go. Returning to Arizona soon, hope mine is still open there. Just could compete with the Subway next door, I guess.

  69. Terrible experience! Save yourself the hassle! My second time coming here because my brother likes their food! Worst customer service and employees! Thanks for ruining our lunch I greatly appreciate it.

    • Hi Ash,

      Very sorry to hear about your poor experience. If you’ll email me at with a little more information about your visit (location, time of day, details of experience), we’d love to make things right for you. And please include your contact info, too.

      Amanda Palm
      PR/Communications Manager

  70. Hi,
    I wish to know if it’s safe to eat schlotsky’s veggie pizza when you are 6 weeks pregnant.

  71. Belton, Tx – second week in a row, no cranberries for the salad, no knives to cut the chicken and apples, very dirty floor, more than thirty minutes to get two salads inside, wilted lettuces, came to table w/o bread, and the ladies bathroom was not picked up.

    This restaurant is too new for this kind of service. Belton can really use Schlotsky’s. they get good numbers driving in; but not for long if the quality is sloppy. Thought you should know.

    • Thanks for letting us know! We appreciate you taking the time to write in. We’ll definitely take this information and pass it along to our customer service department and they will also reach out to the owner of this location.

      Amanda Palm

  72. Georgia- I heard two men talking in a Schlotzsky’s in Georgia about Freshana Organics. And that they were in talks with Subway about all locations being cleaned 100% Organically. Zero chemicals. Not sure if they were there to talk to Schlotzsky’s or not. This would be awesome!!! The man from this Freshana company was Mike Elmore. Let us know please. LOVE the Original, don’t ever change it!

    • Hi Lisa – Currently we do not use 100% organic cleaning products in our restaurants. It could be something we look into for the future, but it’s not an immediate initiative.

      Amanda Palm

  73. Hi Amanda Palm,

    Please bring Schlotzsky’s BACK to Chicago!!! 🙂



  74. Turkey Bacon Club @ Schlotzsky’s………… one of the all-time greatest sandwiches EVER…….. period!


  75. I was very disappointed when you closed the store in Marshall, Michigan. I had been asking every time I was there for you to expand to Coldwater, Michigan. I hope you will consider more locations in smaller cities. I love Schlotzky’s!!

    Heidi Rawson

    • Thanks for the feedback, Heidi. Our restaurants close for a lot of different reasons, particularly our franchise-owned locations. We’ll keep an eye out for opportunities in Coldwater.

      Amanda Palm

  76. My fiancé and I had lunch at schlotzkeys this afternoon and are very disappointed. We each ordered the pick 2 combo; he got a sandwich and a salad and I ordered a pizza and a salad. He enjoyed his sandwich except for the fact that is was smothered in sauce. My pizza was not very good at all, undercooked yet burned on the bottom. Our salads were terrible. The lettuce was brown in some places and looked old; the caesar dressing was very sour and had a vinegar taste. It made me sick in the parking lot of the restaurant. We love Schlotzkeys but after this visit we likely won’t continue to eat here as often. Service, cleanliness, and quality were extremely poor; management was “too busy” to care about our concerns with our order which was very disrespectful.

    • I’m very sorry to hear about this experience, Allison. We’d like the opportunity to reach out to the owner of this location as well as follow up with you about your experience and see what we can do to make things right. If you can, please email me at with the restaurant details and your contact info and our customer service department will follow up.

      Thanks – Amanda Palm, PR/Communications Manager

  77. Will you please consider bringing back the Chipotle Honeys back? Even as a regular menu item?

    • Thanks for your comment. I’ll definitely pass this along to our R&D team. The Chipotle Honeys were a great trio of sandwiches. Glad you enjoyed them! – Amanda

  78. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before but after looking at many of the articles I realized it’s new to
    me. Regardless, I’m certainly delighted I came across it and I’ll be
    bookmarking it and checking back regularly!

  79. Any prospects of a Schlotskys coming to the St.Louis or St Charles, mo area again? Really really miss those sandwiches.

  80. I know I just keep checking and hoping that one day will get a yes answer.

  81. enjoy your sandwiches but was unable to print my birthday coupon !
    Only prints out a blank page. not out of ink. Pls mail it to me.. thanking you in advance. bd 04/21/1952

  82. I am just IN LOVE with your sandwiches. The bad thing is, the closest Schlotzky’s to me is 200 miles away. Any plans to move into the Baltimore-Washington, DC area?

  83. I get e-mails telling me there is a coupon but I can’t open coupons. You need to add a “view as web page” link like many other companies have. When I open your site online it doesn’t show a coupon. I’ve written about this before but it still isn’t fixed. I love your sandwiches but this is frustrating! I also suggest you provide an option to print coupons in black and white so users don’t have to waste expensive color ink. Thank you,

    • Thanks for the tips, Debera. We know there are improvements that can be made to our eClub system. We have started asking our restaurants to accept the coupon when you show it on your smartphone, as opposed to having to print it out. I’ll pass along your issue to our eClub provider. Thanks! – Amanda

  84. Moved from Washington, DC area and discovered Schlotzskys here in NM. NM is one up on DC Metro area!

  85. Do all your buns and pizza crusts contain dairy and/or egg ingredients? Thanks!

  86. Arrived 10 minutes before closing this evening in order to grab some sandwiches and pizzas. Employee Melanie was working this evening and was friendly and helpful as usual. She is great and always gets our order right. However, she was working with two other employees who upon our arrival at the counter, began to scowl and make comments such as “damn, they come in here right before closing time and we have to do this!!” “Can’t believe this!” Melanie did her best to ignore the comments by her co-workers and apolagized for their behavior. However, it was very obvious. Unfortunately I did not get the names of the male and female worker. But, this occurred on 6/1/13 at the location located at 6900 San Pedro Suite 101 in San Antonio. This is the location we always go to and have always gotten great service. Melanie in particular has always been very kind and has a great personality. However on this particular night, her coworkers made the experience very unpleasant.

    • Thanks for sharing this information with us, Marie. I apologize you were treated poorly by these employees, though is sounds like Melanie did her best to handle the situation. I will definitely pass your issue along to our customer service department so we can make the owner aware. You will be contacted via email by customer service should we need additional info or need to follow up. Again, I apologize and thanks for being a Schlotzsky’s customer. – Amanda Palm

  87. i havent eaten at your sandwich shop in 20+ years and am sorry i was super.the changes youve made are perfect ,and, iwill make this a regular part of my life. im here in san antonio tx and ate at your new shop at perrin beitel /i410 . The mgr came out and was verry helpful,cheerful as the girl that took my order…THANKS SOOO MUCH. rg

  88. There was a Schlotzsky’s in Hixson, TN near where I worked. It was wonderful. I enjoyed the wonderful soups that were served. Then it closed and I moved to FL. Guess time moves on but I do miss Schlotzsky’s. if you ever decide to put in a new store I have the perfect location for you, just outside the back entrance for the employees of DisneyWorld next to Westclock. Thousands of employees pass by there everyday and there is nowhere near to pick up a meal to take to work or grab on the way home. There is a large new development nearby that would add to the customer influx. It would be the perfect location. Hope to see you soon.

  89. PLEASE come back to McKinney, Texas. You were here (in a bad location!) when we first moved to McKinney in 1998, but closed your store not long after.
    McKinney has exploded and is a thriving town, with new restaurants and retail popping up everywhere all the time. You are definitely missing out on a great location for your business!!!
    Don’t forget that McKinney was chosen the 2nd best place to live in America – but it’s jut not complete without my favorite fast food chain.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    • Thanks for the tip, Susan. We have locations all around McKinney, but none actually IN McKinney. The city is absolutely on our radar, though! – Amanda

  90. I was in a Schlotsky’s in about 1980 and they had a poster on the wall with Schlotsky’s and it had a meaning for each letter in the name. I have mentioned this to numerous people and have tried researching it but have never found any info on it. The letters were vertical on the poster. S=salami, C=cheese, H=Ham, L=Lettuce, O=Onion, T=Tomato, S=spicy mustard, and I can’t remember the rest. I am sure I saw this but everyone thinks I’m crazy. The store was in Lake Jackson, Tx. Is it possible that I really did see this and if so, can you finish the acronym for me? I have thought about this for years. Your input on this would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Johnnie – I’ll put some feelers out with our marketing/creative team to see if that sign rings a bell with anyone. It was well before my time here, so I’m unfamiliar with it, but doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. Stay tuned! – Amanda

    • Let me do some digging. This was before my time and I’m not familiar with the image, but I’ll ask around the office. Stay tuned! – Amanda

  91. Will you ever open a Schlotsky’s in Ann Arbor,MI ever again? I have missed your sandwiches for years now.

    • Not sure about Ann Arbor. We still have three locations in Battle Creek and one in Portage. If you know anyone interested in opening up shop in Ann Arbor, send ’em our way. Thanks – Amanda

      • What does it cost to open one?

      • Depends – you can find a lot of info here:

      • Is there still no chance of a Schlotskys coming to the St Louis/St.Charles, MO area? I saw you mention about the route 66 and St Charles would fit right in there.

        Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

        Schlotzsky’s wrote:

        > a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; } /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */ schlotzskys commented: “Depends – you can find a lot of info here:

  92. Do you have an app on passbook for IPhone to do purchases?

    Paul Graziano

  93. We recently visited Schlotzsky’s in Salina, KS and were very disappointed. The food wasn’t bad, however the employees need a little help. The woman behind the counter was very unwelcoming and unhelpful. We received a number with our order. When our number was called a employee would get it and bring it to you. The employee working this position was absolutely filthy. I had to go get my own order which worked out perfectly since I didn’t want him touching it after I watched him clean food bowls off into the trash can in front of me. Then proceed to play around the trash can wiping the rim and digging in it with his bare hands. Never once leaving to wash is hands before serving orders to customers. After watching I ended up losing my appetite and leaving before I finished my meal. I’m usually easy going but this was just too gross!

  94. I noticed the Schlotsky’s closed in Highlands Ranch, CO. I was sadden by this as this was by my job. Does anyone know if there will be another open in this area anytime soon ?

    • Unfortunately the owner of that location had to close and we don’t have plans to open up in the area again. We do still have a Denver-area location in Greenwood Village. Hope you can swing by to enjoy that one! – Amanda

  95. Was at 7804 Forest Ln location in Dallas, TX at 3:14p on Sat. 2/22/14. Waited in the drive thru line for over 10 min, store was not busy, they didn’t say anything about the wait when they gave me my order, just opened the window and said “here you go” and then they messed up my order. Of course I was already home before I realized the sandwich was wrong, I didn’t eat it, just threw it away. Very disappointed.

    • Hi Max – So very sorry about your recent visit. I’ve taken your comments and your email address and passed this information on to our customer service department. Someone will be in touch with you soon. Thanks – Amanda

  96. Hi. I recently visited a new Schlotzsky’s that just opened up near my work in Houston Tx. So excited to try it out. I went today and ordered a chicken/ pesto pizza and drink. The service was great as usual, however… I was sitting in my truck as the young lady went to get my food and I noticed an employee mixing salad for what appeared to be a catered order. I did not know Schlotzsky’s provided so a service. Awesome. As she transferred salad from one bowl to another, she dropped a handful on the floor. One would think that she would discard that immediately. She consequently bent down, scooped the salad into a pile and put it back with the rest of the ingredients. I WAS SHOCKED! The young lady returned with my food which I regrettably took. I asked if the lady was a manager, but she did not respond. The young lady serving me walked over to the older woman and she came to the window with a brochure for the catering service. I asked her if they did catering and she was very enthusiastic about the service they provided. I asked her about the salads and she said they were very good and made fresh. I laughed. I told her that I saw her drop the salad on the floor and put it back in the bowl and she responded “I do not like to waste ingredients as I keep this restaurant very clean”. I told her that I am glad she keeps things so clean, but I highly doubt that the individual who is going to eat the salad will feel the same way. I also let her know that I will never return to that location again due to her arrogance about the whole situation. As I drove away I heard her yell out an apology but it was a little too late at that point. I am a huge Schlotzsky’s fan and know that this behavior does not accurately reflect the brand image and quality that you strive to deliver. I will still visit other Schlotzsky’s locations, but was very unsettled by the event. I only hope that the ingredients on my pizza were not handled in the same manner. The event occurred on Feb 26, 2014 at 11:15 am.

    • Hi Jake – Thanks for sharing this information with us. I’ve taken your comments and your email address and passed the info along to our customer service dept. Someone will be in touch to get the exact location of the restaurant you visited. We will be sure to make the owner aware of what you witnessed. Thanks – Amanda

  97. Do you have any plans to come to McKinney, Texas? There are no Schlotzsky’s locations near us. The closest one is a 20 minute drive (in Allen), hidden off the main road (just discovered it recently). You had a location in McKinney once before, in a bad location. The population of McKinney has exploded since you were here, and it is a perfect time for you to come back. Lots of prime locations available. Please, please, please consider coming back to McKinney! Whenever I mention it to someone here, they always say the same thing – “Schlotzsky’s is my favorite – I sure wish McKinney had one.”

    • Hi Susan – We have added quite a few new locations in the DFW area, but haven’t yet made it up to McKinney. We know how much you all love Schlotzsky’s there. I’ll pass along your suggestion to our development team. Thanks for being such a dedicated fan! – Amanda

  98. Good luck. We have been trying to get one to return to the St. Louis area for years and years. I would drive 30 plus minutes if one would return.

  99. Good Morning,

    We were at your restaurant on Gage Blvd, in Topeka, KS (Store #1026). We placed our order at 4:41 p.m. and did not receive our sandwiches until 5:15 p.m. We have visited this location numerous times and have never had to wait that long for a sandwich. There were only 2 employees. We specifically stopped here because it is normally quick. We had a prior appointment at 5:00 pm.

    • Natalie – I’m sorry you had to wait so long for your food. That’s definitely not the standard for this location. I’ve taken your comments and email address and passed them on to our customer service department. They will process your case and be sure to inform the owner of your issue. Thanks – Amanda

  100. I went into the schlotskys here in harker heights, TX to order two wraps which I thought would take at the max 10 minutes since I was one of 3 customers inside. I watched everyone I went before get their food before I finally got my order 35 minutes later. No one attempted to tell me what was going on. So of course I left disgruntled since I am not a person who likes to cause controversy. Never going to this location again and I highly do not recommend this one to anyone.

    • Otilio – I can assure you this is not the norm for the Harker Heights location. I have taken your comment and your contact information and forwarded it to our guest relations department. They will be in touch and will ensure the owner of this location is aware of your issue. Thanks – Amanda

  101. Went to schlotzsky my first time on March 15 it was bad…..Please contact me if possible 2547494072

    • Thanks for sharing this info with us, Tina. I have your comments and your phone number and have passed them on to our guest relations specialist. Someone will contact you tomorrow. Thanks – Amanda

  102. Your store in La Quinta, CA is in need of new blood. The store,compared to two yrs ago, is night and day. Nepotism seems to be one of the problems. Customer service has decreased substantially. My guess is you are about to close that store. Regardless, I will take my business elsewhere.
    Give them help or close the doors.

    • I’m so sorry you’re disappointed with our La Quinta location. I have taken your comments and contact info and passed them on to our guest relations department. We’ll make sure the owner is aware of your concerns. Thanks – Amanda

  103. Dear Schlotzski’s,
    Chicago really misses you. Why did you lease us? Please come back. We need you!!! I’m jonesing for a Pastrami on rye and nothing here even compares to your sandwiches.
    A Huge Fan

  104. I love schlotzkys sandwiches and I am getting them for me and my family since about 15 yrs in killeen tx at store #1173. They always were delicious. Today I called in to order and pick up like usually. They took 10 min. to find pen and paper. When I got there it was still laying at the register so finally they started my sandwiches. Everything was wrong and not what I ordered. I watched and tried to tell them how I ordered it butthey paid no attention. All together they were the worst sandwiches I ever got from that store. The people were new and I cant get anymore sandwiches until there are decent people to fix them. I hope you be able to fix that problem so I can get good sandwiches again. I really love the real schlotzky ones and don’t want to live without them.

    • Thanks for sharing this with us, Gaby. I’ve taken your comments and your contact info and passed along to our guest relations specialist. Someone will be in touch soon. – Amanda

  105. Don’t know if we were cut off or I talk too much,but I was saying that I find that this store seems to be run by teenagers,that have no idea of food service functions!!!There isn’t anyone over 30 that works there that I have seen,it’s just sad because we spend a good amount of money there and it always seems to be something!!!!
    I will be awaiting your reply hopefully with some answers or solutions !!!

    • Hi Lissa – I’m not sure where your comments were cut off, but I do apologize. I have passed your name and contact information on to our guest relations specialist. Someone will be reaching out to you today for additional information about your issue. I do apologize and we’ll make things right! – Amanda

  106. Hello there, from “small” town Burleson, Texas. I’d like to bring to your attention that we do not have a schlotzskys very close to our relative location. We have plenty of space for building and I know a huge amount of people that would love to eat there more often. I as well as many others believe that building one of your restaurants in Burleson would benefit you and your company. Please consider my suggestion and thank you for your time.

  107. Every year for past 3 years I wish upon a Schlotzskys in our area. Is it possible my wish could come true too? St. Charles/St. Louis Missouri!!!!

  108. PLEASE come to McKinney, Texas! There are so many great potential sites for Schlotzsky’s. McKinney is a highly desirable city, and was ranked the 2nd best place to live in America in 2012! (Money Magazine)
    You are really missing an opportunity by not coming to McKinney. You would have more business than you know what to do with!

  109. Woo hoo at least that is one step closer!

  110. How about Winter Garden, FL? We’re a suburb of Orlando, FL which of course houses a rather large mouse, so you know we’d have plenty of clientele and we could really use a great restaurant like Schlotzskys. We need a more nourishing place to grab a quick meal besides your usual fast food joints and your food is so much better.

  111. I need the store number for the one in Brea, CA (2500 E. Imperial Hwy, #196). I am attempting to complete the online survey but the store number is not on the receipt.

    • So sorry about that! The store number for that location is #1715. And be sure to enter the website directly into the address bar in your browser rather than trying to do a search for it. That way should take you directly to the site! – Amanda

      • Hi Amanda,

        Steve from Chicago here (once again). We spoke several times a couple years ago. Today’s my birthday…….any chance you could make it any sweeter by maybe saying that there’s a Schlotzsky’s opening up in my area (preferably the northwest suburbs) sometime very soon?! lol 🙂

        Thank You,

        Steve L.

      • Steve, my man! First off, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! I wish I had good birthday news for you about us coming back to Chicago, but sadly we still don’t have any plans for that area. 😦 I still have your contact information, and I promise the minute I get news we’re making our way back to Chicagoland, you’ll be the first to know! – Amanda

  112. Amanda,

    Thank you so much for the quick and VERY KIND reply! 🙂 Well that sux lol…… but oh well, ok. Seems like a no-brainer to me to open one up here. Most other places (esp the newer ones) don’t really measure up (i.e. Jersey Mike’s, etc). Seems to be more attention is on burgers than sandwiches, at least around Chicago. Quizno’s seems to be dying off, and only real one left is Jimmy John’s. Come on people, step up! lol

    Ok that’s great! I’m glad you still have all that. I look forward to hearing from you, and you also have a wonderful day too!! It was nice speaking with you again.

    Take Care,

    Steve L.

  113. How do I find your Bunbuzz survey web site? Can you send me a link?

    • You need to enter into your browser. The site should automatically pull up and give you the option to enter the four-digit store number on your receipt. It’s important you actually enter the web address directly rather than try to do a search for bunbuzz on Google or Bing, because you won’t find it that way. If you still have issues, let us know. – Amanda

  114. Just went to the restaurant and got a survey info so I went to bunbuzz & it wouldn’t download. Really wanted to give very positive feedback & get those 3 free cookies

    • There’s nothing to be downloaded with BunBuzz. You simply need to enter into your browser and the site should automatically come up and give you the option to enter the four-digit store number on your receipt. – Amanda

    • Hi Melissa – I’m sorry about the difficulties you’re having with the survey. When you access the survey, it’s important you enter the web address “” into your browser so the browser goes directly to the site. If you simply do a search for bun buzz in a search engine like Google or Bing, you won’t get to the site. Once there, you should see a page that asks you to enter the 4-digit number on your receipt. If you continue to have issues, please call 1-800-846-BUNS and our guest relations specialists can walk you through. We want to make sure you get your cookies! – Amanda

  115. When will the store in La Porte,Tx?

  116. Anything happening with a Schlotzskys in St. Charles, Mo yet?

  117. Please bring your sandwiches back to st Louis Missouri.

    • Donnie, I’ve been asking for a few years for them to please come back to the St. Louis/St. Charles area and so far no luck 😕 but we are still hopeful.

  118. Please come to St.Louis MO. Or even within 30 minutes of it in any direction.

  119. Love your food! I eat at you Birmingham( Hwy 280) location about 3x a week. My only complaint is that the WiFi inside the store is so poor that you are barely able to get a signal. Really that is not a major concern to me, but I only wanted to ake you aware of this problem.

  120. I went to the website ( and tried to start the survey to get my 3 cookies. I put in the store id 3718 on my receipt and it asked if i was selecting a store in some other state and i indicated no, so i tried again and this time it gave me a message saying you can only do the survey once every 2 weeks. Is there another number that is actually the store number and not the store id? Is there somewhere I can find the number for my location on hwy 92 woodstock?

  121. I talked to our new Executive Chef who is very committed with coming with vegetarian and vegan options on our menu. I’ll definitely pass your message along to the chef!

    • Thank you.

      One clarification:

      Vegetarian – dairy products

      Vegan – nooooo animal products

      Please have vegan options for those people 😋

      Many people would visit you more.

      A lot of people are abstaining from animal products.

      You would improve your sales if you had a more welcoming menu.

      Thank you,

      Elissa Davis

  122. Still waiting to hear of a new Schlotskys opening in the St. Louis/St. Charles area. We would love any menu item you put in your restaurant.

  123. Vegetarian – animal bi products
    Vegan – no animal bi products whatsoever
    There is a difference. Vegetarian is just as unhealthy, if not more.

    *” A lot of people think animal bi products are healthy & non violent. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth “”.

  124. Vegetarian – animal bi products
    Vegan – no animal bi products whatsoever
    There is a difference. Vegetarian is just as unhealthy, if not more.

    *” A lot of people think animal “bi” products are healthy & non violent. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth “”.
    Sorry for all the posts…..

    • Hi, Elissa. We’ve received your posts and we’ll take your comments into consideration for future menu additions. I really appreciate your passion for this issue and we’ll update you should we offer vegan menu items in the future.

      • I don’t mean any harm.

        I’m just trying to spread awareness ❤️.

        Elissa Davis

  125. Hello, I went to Schlotzky’s on Tuesday located on 135 S Denton Tap, Coppell TX 75019 and ordered the Chicken Gumbo Soup and specifically asked for “no bacon” and the manager took my order but I still ended up getting bacon in my soup. When I went back the next day, all the employees were very hostile and the manager even tried correcting me saying that the soup had sausage in it. I told her I didn’t want any pork related product on my food, I did not realize that I had to list them all out in order for her to understand what I was talking about. This is a big issue as your employees need to be educated better and realize that some people cannot eat certain things rather than completely ignoring their request. This was tremendously inconvenient for me. You have lost a valuable customer today as I will never go back to Schlotzky’s.

  126. I went to the one in Buda 5 minutes before closing time.. 5 Min! And they told us that their clock said 10:02. Doors still open drive thru lights on.. 10:02? I have worked as an assistant manager at restaurants before.. And this is definitely not the way to treat customers. I called them 7 min later acting like a different person asking them for their hours and if i had enough time to go by.. The lady same lady that i had spoken to said “oh we just closed.. Our clock says 10:08 but my watch says 10:02 sorry about that”
    Haha wow worst customer service ever.. Everyone tells us that they serve great sandwiches and we wanted to try them..
    If they aren’t going to accept customers by 9:55 then change your closing time 5min Earlier! I come from san marcos drove all the way here to taste them sandwiches just to go home with Mc Donlads.

  127. There is no store number on my receipt. 15 west michigan 49017

  128. It’s getting harder and harder for me to continue to support Schlotzsky’s. Had lunch today at the Lamar location and watched my pizza sitting, getting cold for 3-4 minutes while nobody seemed to care. In that time, 5 sandwiches came through the oven and were promptly finished and wrapped. When I commented that I would like to get my pizza and be on my way, some lady behind the oven made some smart assed comment. What has happened to this store? For an $11 tab, I should get more than 3 burned cookies, a cold pizza and an iced tea with a lime that looks like it was cut last week.

  129. I wanted to get coupons but couldn’t. There was no store number on the receipt.

  130. I just wanted to let you guys know what a wonderful experience we had at the Schlotzskys in the Will Rogers Airport in OKC. You guys were one of the few places still open and your cashier Renee was such a warm welcoming face after a long day of traveling. She was kind, knowledgable and so courteous – had I not had a flight to catch I would’ve wanted to eat my sandwich with her just to chat. Thanks for the GREAT food (compliments to the cook) and even better customer service OKC! We will be back!

  131. Please put a schotzskys in near Disneyworld. Winter Garden FL, The Village shopping area would be a great place.

  132. I love schlotskys sandwiches!
    Your company uses the highest quality and tasty products. The bread is so unique and absolutely delicious! I came in contact with your company in Austin, TX. But I now live in Los Angeles and the nearest location is over 50 miles away! ; (
    Have you ever thought of selling the buns on line to fans like me?

    Thank you

  133. Why, oh why, did you ever leave Indianapolis, Indiana? You were our favorite place to eat! Any plans on coming back? We all are missing you. You are the best place to eat!

  134. Good luck trying to get them back. I’ve been asking for years for them to come back to the st. Louis/St. Charles area and have had no luck. One of our favorite places as well.

  135. This Nora Annabelli from San Antonio ,Texas .
    I live on the south side of San Antonio , we love ❤️❤️❤️ Your sandwiches and it would be great to have one on our side of town vs north side of town . Would really appreciate it if you would consider . Our area has really grown . Thank you for providing great sandwiches and service . Nora

  136. Has there been any location found to reopen a Schlotskys in the St. Charles, MO area yet? Please say there is.

  137. I am very sad that my local Schlotsky’s does not sell pizza anymore. Is that all location?

  138. I am trying to find the store number on my receipt to complete an online survey with no luck.

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