Bun Run


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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you will open up a store here in NYC soon??

    If not, is it possible to place an order of bread to be shipped to me??

    Thank you,

    Shravana Ferraro

    • Hi Shravana,

      We sure do miss being in NYC, but as of now, we don’t have immediate plans to open up there. If we do, we’ll be sure to let you know. As for our bread – we know it’s really great, but unfortunately we can’t ship it. We’re sorry and we hope you can get your Schlotzsky’s fix soon!

      Amanda Palm

  2. Well phooy—i’ve asked at our local schotz if they would sellthe buns by themselves but of course they won’t. My husband is frm a small med country where their bread is very similar to this. And he misses it soooo bad. If y’all would sell it alone I would probably buy it several times a week. He’d like to have it with something other than just sammys all the time. Too bad. Cudda had a lifelong customer here. Sigh

  3. thanks for having a Schlotzsky’s in GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN!! I’ve been a customer since I had my first round sandwich in 1981 – Springfield, Missouri .. it was part of my post-graduate staple food after college!! enjoyed my ‘birthday’ meal, too!! thanks!!

  4. Schlotzsky’s Cobb Parkway is great, Hope you will open one in Hiram or Douglasville GA soon, which will be a lot closer to us.


    • Thanks for the compliment, Donald. We don’t have any immediate plans to expand to Hiram or Douglasville, but hope you continue to visit Cobb Parkway! – Amanda

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