Flat Out Tasty

EvansvilleLivingArtisan flatbreads revamp Schlotzsky’s menu

By Emily Patton

One of the hottest trends sweeping restaurants is artisan flatbreads. While similar in appearance to a pizza, flatbread is made without yeast with the dough rolled very thin and baked crispy.

Schlotzsky’s, which has more than 400 franchised and company-owned locations around the world, has joined the craze, revamping its menu to add four varieties of artisan flatbread.

“A lot of people are jumping on this flatbread product right now,” says Meena Mundle, who is a Schlotzsky’s franchise owner with her husband Ashish at 301 N. Green River Road. “I truly believe our product is far superior than others out there.”

Customers can choose from the California Chicken and Avocado, Chicken Chipotle Pesto, Margherita, and Italian Sausage and Basil, which are each served on a wooden pizza paddle and made with fresh ingredients. Each artisan flatbread dish is $7.49.

Mundle says it’s the individualized sauces that set their flatbreads apart from the rest, such as on the California Chicken and Avocado, which has an Andouille white cream sauce with roasted chicken breast, chopped bacon, diced avocado, fresh red bell pepper, cilantro, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, and a southwest chipotle mayo.

Another tasty delight is Italian Sausage and Basil topped with the balsamic reduction and thinly sliced Italian sausage, sun-dried tomato pesto, fresh basil, roasted red peppers and tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

“As soon as customers try them, they are coming back on the following day,” says Mundle. “They are absolutely addictive. All your taste buds kind of come alive, as you taste all the different ingredients. It is so different than what we previously offered.”

For more information on Schlotzsky’s, call 812-471-4011 or visit schlotzskys.com/menu/.

Source: Evansville Living

2 Responses

  1. http://www.bunbuzz.com. I’ve visited Schlotzsky’s @ 3328 E. Hebron Carrollton the staff was very customer friendly. On 6/23/14 and 6/27/14 store ID: 2277 each time I tried to access the website to do the surveys for Schlotzskys general grocery coupons would pop up. Therefore I’m unable to complete the surveys to get the cookies. I was very disappointed. I would really like to complete the survey to get those delicious looking cookies.

    • Hi Barbara – I’m sorry about the difficulties you’re having with the survey. When you access the survey, it’s important you enter the web address “www.bunbuzz.com” into your browser so the browser goes directly to the site. If you simply do a search for bun buzz in a search engine like Google or Bing, you won’t get to the site. Once there, you should see a page that asks you to enter the 4-digit number on your receipt. If you continue to have issues, please call 1-800-846-BUNS and our guest relations specialists can walk you through. We want to make sure you get your cookies! – Amanda

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