Schlotzsky’s-Cinnabon-Carvel is coming to Galveston!


Get your buns to our new Schlotzsky’s-Cinnabon-Carvel in Galveston at 500 Seawall Blvd! Doors open at 10am on Tuesday, January 29th. First 100 people to buy a Cinnabon 6-Pack will get FREE Schlotzsky’s for a YEAR! We’ll also have a day full of fun, games, prizes and more. Don’t miss out on the food & fun!

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A journey for the Original Mile: Midwest City on track to redevelop historic area


By Heide Brandes

MIDWEST CITY – When customers step into Midwest City’s new Schlotzsky’s at 2400 S. Air Depot in Midwest City, they will experience a design and plan unlike any of the chain’s other restaurants in the U.S.

Restaurant owner and Midwest City native David Jones also owns DLJ Holdings. DLJ Holdings owns the land and building that Schlotzsky’s inhabits.

However, his design is unique. The restaurant is part of a revitalization plan introduced by Midwest City to bring new life into an old neighborhood. The chain restaurant façade fits with Midwest City’s Original Mile plan, occupying the bottom of the two-story building. Four 800-square-foot, one-bedroom apartments are on the second floor.

The two-story concept is unusual for a modern chain sandwich shop. Jones said by participating in the Original Mile plan, he not only has the most beautiful Schlotzsky’s in America, but also is contributing to an area he feels will be the next big thing in central Oklahoma.

“The redevelopment is a very big undertaking on the city’s part,” Jones said. “It’s a massive plan. They are looking at all aspects to make Midwest City a ‘Model City’ again. I think we are the first one to do a commercial development part of the plan.”

The vision of the Original Mile plan is to revive the area by building on the original concepts that earned Midwest City recognition as “America’s Model City” by the National Association of Home Builders in 1951 while creating a distinctive, desirable and quality neighborhood of the future, said Billy Harless, the city’s community development director for Midwest City.

“New and improved commercial and retail areas will complement the existing town center and provide for innovative mixed-use development,” Harless said.

To put the plan into place, the Midwest City officials conducted site visits, interviews and meetings with city staff members, community members and residents of the Original Mile.

Building back

Established in 1942, Midwest City was a one-square-mile area that consisted of homes, a school, a park and a retail district. The Original Mile is between Air Depot and Midwest Boulevard and SE 15th and SE 29th streets. The neighborhood was developed as housing for the Midwest Air Depot, later renamed Tinker Air Force Base. Both the city and Tinker have grown substantially and the old neighborhood needs a redo, officials said.

City planners have developed a long-range plan for the blighted neighborhood. Besides new mixed-use developments that include urban apartments, the plan also includes new streets, new façade and even a neighborhood amphitheater and plaza gathering area.

“What we did with the Original Mile study was come up with as many ideas as we could that the city could pick and choose from,” Harless said. “One of the things that came out of the study was that the Original Mile had a lot of odd-shaped property with limited parking and small parcels from the old houses, which gave us the flexibility with zoning for things we were unable to do before, like mixed-use commercial.”

Additional commercial development is already under way at Air Depot Boulevard within the Town Centre Plaza complex. The mixed-use concept is new to Midwest City and includes upscale first-floor commercial space for office or retail and upscale apartments on the second floor.

“It’s very appealing for business owners to be able to build a business and live over their business, too,” Harless said. “Mr. Jones’ development is the first to do that in Midwest City, but we have other developers who have that option in their permits. We knew when we built the Town Centre (on SE 29th Street between Air Depot and Midwest Boulevard) that we would have to do something with the property surrounding it.”

Jones said the new Schlotzsky’s, which opened on Dec. 30 at 2400 S. Air Depot, fits the concept and is unlike any other in the nation.

“It has an indoor-outdoor fireplace and we are working to complete a mosaic fountain,” Jones said. “We also chose private booths for seating. Although booths do not lend themselves for maximum occupancy, it’s more comfortable for the customers.”

The building also has a grand balcony, a cobblestone drive and a drive-thru with private screening elements. Landscaping and finishing touches are under way.

“Inside the upstairs apartments, we have higher ceilings than normal, over-and-under washer and dryers, balconies and 50-inch flat screens in every apartment,” Jones said. “We decided to go with one-bedroom because we wanted the apartments to be more spacious.”

The apartments, which are currently unnamed, are expected to open for residency at the end of February.

The design of the entire structure includes 33-foot walls on one side of the development, vibrant colors and up-and-down lighting to enhance the design.

“This is really an amazing development,” Jones said. “Residents of the apartments can just walk out their door, step onto the sidewalk and go shopping at the Town Centre. This plan is going to bring a different perspective to Midwest City.”

Harless said many of the concepts are to make the area as a whole more appealing.

“We have other aspects of that Original Mile study that the city is working on right now,” he said. “We have a decorative fence planned along Midwest Boulevard that the city is ready to start on, some monuments planned and the new Eastside Elementary School. We are looking at other elements in the study, like housing and façade work on existing housing.”

Midwest City has an advantage in that it has a general lack of dilapidated structures, but still has good neighborhood design. The city currently plans to remove the water tower at the site of the former City Hall and install a new cell tower that will be built decoratively to make more aesthetically pleasing.

Though the neighborhood currently has three public parks, the addition of small pocket parks is also a part of the plan.

The Original Mile

The Original Mile plan includes the following:

• Introducing a new streetscape throughout the Original Mile with new curbs, gutters, sidewalks, traffic-calming methods and trees.

Source: The Journal Record

• A Capital Improvement Plan to provide a guide to systematically improving infrastructure in the Original Mile.

• Promotion of home revitalization design options for façades, remodels and infill for existing homes in the area.

• A community civic space for a major public outdoor venue that links Town Center Plaza to the neighborhood and draws city and regional audiences, using the new camouflaged cell tower as a focal point.

• Keeping single-family homes and duplexes as the predominant housing choice, add innovative housing through mixed-use developments and consider row homes around the community civic space.

• A phased funding and priority plan.

Schlotzsky’s sees growth with reimaged units


President Kelly Roddy shares results of reimaging with NRN and details 2013 plans

By Ron Ruggless

Schlotzsky’s Franchise LLC this past year completed the reimaging of older stores in the 350-unit chain and this year plans to amp up expansion of its tri-brand units and catering.

Over the past several years, the company has packaged new stores with sibling brands Cinnabon and Carvel, all owned by Atlanta-based Focus Brands Inc.

Schlotzsky’s unveils new look – Check out the slide show!

Kelly Roddy, president of the Austin, Texas-based Schlotzsky’s division, said in a phone interview earlier this week that the company is set to open tri-brand stores in the new markets this year. Those markets include Kentucky, New Jersey and North Carolina as well as: Minneapolis, Minn.; New Orleans, La.; Orange County, Calif., Philadelphia; and Sacramento, Calif. Schlotzsky’s currently operates in 37 states.

The privately held company said reimaged restaurants are seeing a 20-percent increase in sales on average. In addition, Roddy said Schlotzsky’s has seen seven years of positive same-store sales increases “even through the tough economy.”

Roddy recently discussed the reimaging of Schlotzsky’s with Nation’s Restaurant News.

What have been Schlotzsky’s highlights in the past year?

We’ve reimaged the restaurants over 2011. We launched new menu boards with new soups, new fresh, made-to-order salads. All the stores are now on table service. Our new prototype rolled out. All the new stores we’re opening will have tri-brands with Cinnabon, Carvel and Schlotzsky’s. All this has been evolving over say the last five years to relaunch the brand. The result has been a lot of growth.

What has reimaging done for franchise sales?

We sold 110 new Schlotzsky’s tri-brand agreements this past year. We’re on trend to get 40 or 50 open this year. We have 27 under construction right now with other leases being negotiated.

Are you including drive-thrus with the new units?

They pretty much all have drive-thrus. There will maybe be one or two that will not. The average store that is opening right now is about 3,000 square feet with a drive-thru and a tri-brand. It has soft seating, so you have booths and lots of bright colors and new modern look.

How did you change the food-delivery model?

We put [food runners] in the new stores and went back and retrofit the other stores. [The table-runner model] is now in place everywhere. It eliminates all the clutter from the paging [system]. It allows the guest to go sit down, relax and start the conversation with whomever they are there with. It’s just more enjoyable. It allows us to engage with the customer. It allows us to monitor the dining room to make sure that it’s clean. If someone needs napkins or whatever, we can bring that to them. It gives it a little more of a casual-dining feels rather than a fast-food feel.

What strengths are you finding in the menu changes?

Our soup and salad business has grown. We’ve seen an increase in the female customer count since we introduced the fresh, made-to-order salads.

Any shift in dayparts?

In 2012, we saw a small bump in our dinner daypart. We think it’s because of the upgraded salads and serving everything on plate ware. We went from Styrofoam bowls, basically, to serving everything on china. That and the booths give us a little more credibility at dinner. This year, we’re looking at how to strengthen that with better offerings around our pizza, etc.

What are the advantages of the tri-branding?

It helps you capture different dayparts. The Cinnabon gives you a nice snack daypart fill-in. You’ll see a lift in the 2-4 [p.m.] range. We’re seeing quite a bit of ice cream sold in the evenings. We think it’s helping bring in families.

What’s the focus in the year ahead?

Catering. We added about 60 new catering vehicles this past year to the fleet. We will continue to do that. Most stores are getting catering vehicles. We’re also partnering with online catering vendors. We’ll also be working on a dinner daypart strategy as well, which will probably roll out at the end of the year.

You started the year with about 30 catering vehicles, so it’s now in about a third of your stores. What are you seeing in catering sales?

It was small to begin with. Catering sales were probably in the 30 to 40 percent increase off a small base. Our goal would be to double our catering sales within the next 12 months.

What kind of customers are you targeting with the catering sales?

It’s pretty much lunch business meetings for Monday-Friday lunch.

What challenges do you see on the horizon?

Commodity costs look to be a challenge, but everybody is in the same boat. We haven’t taken any price, and we’re doing everything we can to not to take price. We have pretty good food costs. We’re going to watch and see what happens.

Source: Nation’s Restaurant News

Another Schlotzsky’s-Cinnabon-Carvel comes to San Antonio



Get your buns to the Schlotzsky’s-Cinnabon-Carvel grand opening at 20821 US Highway 281 N in San Antonio on Tuesday, January 22. Doors open at 10am and the first 100 guests to purchase a Cinnabon 6-Pack will get free Schlotzsky’s for a year!  Grand opening events will also include fun-filled events, games and prizes, giveaways, and more. 

Tuesday, January 22 at 10am

20281 US Highway 281 N

*One small sandwich per week at this location for 52 consecutive weeks commencing on January 22, 2013 and expiring on January 22, 2014. Only valid for persons 18 years or older. Offer valid only at this San Antonio Schlotzsky’s.

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FOCUS Brands Now 1,000 International Units Strong



FOCUS Brands Inc., the fast-growing company responsible for overseas expansion of Cinnabon, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Carvel Ice Cream, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Schlotzsky’s, and Seattle’s Best Coffee, has opened its 1,000th international location—a milestone capitalizing on the vast global opportunities for U.S. food brands.

The 1,000th location is a cobranded Cinnabon and Auntie Anne’s store, which debuted November 29 in Port of Spain, Trinidad, at The Fall of Westmall. It is operated by Cinnaworld Ltd., a franchise group consisting of a husband-and-wife team from Trinidad. Naveed Mohammed and Renee Peterson are entrepreneurs by trade and have opened a total of five Auntie Anne’s and Cinnabon stores in the Trinidad and Tobago area. The duo recently expanded their territory rights to include Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, Antigua, Barbuda, St. Lucia, and Grenada and have committed to opening an additional 15 locations over the next seven years. The group, Cinnaworld Ltd., also received the award for “International New Franchise Partner of the Year” for 2011 at the FOCUS Brands Worldwide Convention in January 2012.

“This opening is a landmark in our international expansion plan, which is crucial for our growth,” says Mike Shattuck,president of FOCUS Brands International. “Building our global brand presence has substantial value for us, especially when we can increase our visibility and brand presence by opening in high-traffic venues in new markets.”

In 2012, FOCUS Brands opened 205 locations in international markets, and a projected 260 will open this year. This growth comes while FOCUS Brands continues to increase its domestic footprint in the U.S. through franchise expansion of all brands.

Earlier this year, Cinnabon and Carvel became the first American brands to open in Libya, with nine additional Cinnabon bakeries and new Carvel and Moe’s Southwest Grill locations on the way. Moe’s Southwest Grill and Schlotzsky’s recently expanded to Russia.

More than 80 new Auntie Anne’s bakeries have opened in 2012 internationally and plans call for more than 118 to open overseas in 2013 in countries such as Vietnam, Bahamas, India, and Aruba, as well as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

Cinnabon bakeries operate in more than 51 countries and will launch in Iraq, Mongolia, and Ukraine in the coming year.

“We are thrilled by the consumer response we’re seeing when our brands enter a new market,” Shattuck says. “We’re always looking for opportunities to grow with individuals who possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit and the right industry experience.”

Source: QSR Magazine