Schlotzsky’s-Cinnabon opens in El Paso

The Schlotzsky’s-Cinnabon in El Paso at 7040 N. Mesa Street is OPEN TODAY! The first 50 people to buy a 6-Pack of Cinnabons will get free Cinnabon for a year! That’s one free Cinnabon Classic Roll every week for 52 weeks! Stop by at 10am for the Chamber ribbon cutting and celebrate with us!


4 Responses

  1. thanks for everything. i was first in line at this grand opening.

  2. After standing in line for fifteen minutes, I was informed that there were NO CINNABONS. I was told that they were waiting for a delivery truck that wasn’t going to arrive till about 6 pm. This was NOT very good planning. Surely, you all should have anticipated a huge surge of people. Disappointed!! 😦

    • We’re so sorry you didn’t get the Cinnabon you waited for. We did plan for a huge surge of people and got even more than we expected. The folks in El Paso really love their Schlotzsky’s and Cinnabon and we love you, too. We hope you’ll stop by again and we’ve passed this info along to the owner of the location. Thanks for letting us know.

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