Settle in with Schlotzsky’s Premium Ribeye Steak Sandwiches

Schlotzsky’s brings back trio of mouth-watering, crowd-pleasing ribeye favorites

Schlotzsky’s® heads into the holiday season with the return of its popular premium ribeye steak sandwiches. From now until February 26, the home of The Original® round toasted sandwich will feature three new, limited-time-only signature sandwiches made with premium ribeye steak—the bacon & smoked cheddar ribeye, the mushrooms & grilled onions ribeye, and the guacamole & red peppers ribeye.

“Our guests fell in love with these tasty sensations last year, so we knew we had to bring them back for an encore,” said Kelly Roddy, president of Schlotzsky’s, expressing his enthusiasm for the company’s second For Goodness Steak winter promotion. “These premium sandwiches reflect our Lotz Better® brand promise. Plus, they are super hearty for the winter season and give our guests a steak-loving reason to return.”

The three new signature sandwiches include:

Bacon & Smoked Cheddar Ribeye: featuring strips of juicy ribeye steak, crispy bacon, red bell peppers and smoked cheddar cheese with chipotle mayonnaise, served on Schlotzsky’s signature, Fresh-from-Scratch® toasted sourdough bun.





Mushrooms & Grilled Onions Ribeye: made with strips of hearty ribeye steak, caramelized onions, portobello mushrooms, provolone and swiss cheese with garlic pesto and creamy horseradish dressing, served on Schlotzsky’s toasted sourdough bun.




Guacamole & Red Peppers Ribeye: thick strips of ribeye steak paired with fire-roasted vegetables, pepper jack cheese, guacamole and chipotle pesto, served on Schlotzsky’s toasted sourdough bun.

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Schlotzsky’s Makes Huge Entrance into Philly with Record-Breaking 30-Unit Deal

Local Multi-Unit Franchise Group Commits to Opening Iconic Fast Casual Sandwich Restaurants; Separate Agreements Call for Cinnabon and Carvel Concepts inside Each Location

Schlotzsky’s® announced today that it has signed a history-making franchise deal to bring 30 new restaurants throughout the Philadelphia metro area that would also house Cinnabon® and Carvel® franchises inside the buildings.

Schlotzsky’s, Carvel, and Cinnabon are all part of the parent company FOCUS Brands Inc.®. The three iconic food franchises began partnering early last year to open tri-branded locations and have seen robust sales due to this strategy. In total, the new tri-branded restaurants resulted in a total of 90 franchise agreements to be signed—the largest in Schlotzsky’s 40-year history.

Company executives said the first restaurant is set to open during the first quarter of 2012, with several scheduled to open throughout the remainder of the year. Signed with Philadelphia-based multi-unit franchise group Prayosha Philly, LLC, this major development agreement includes growth into Philadelphia, Bucks, Mercer, Montgomery, Chester, Burlington, Gloucester, Camden and Delaware counties. No stranger to the franchising industry, the Prayosha Philly group owns many hotel franchise concepts throughout the tri-state area, as well as several Dunkin Donuts® and Moe’s Southwest Grill® locations, which is also part of FOCUS Brands.

“This is by far the largest franchise deal in our company history,” said Schlotzsky’s President Kelly Roddy. “Demand for our brand has been growing in the Philadelphia area, and we’re thrilled to enter the market with such a talented group of business savvy entrepreneurs.”

The Philadelphia deal marks the third major development agreement for the company in the past five months alone. In June 2011, Schlotzsky’s announced it had struck deals to open 25 tri-branded locations throughout New Jersey and Texas.

Chirag K. Patel, principle of Prayosha Philly said, “With the success we were experiencing with Moe’s Southwest Grill, our team began researching its sister brands and ways we could expand our portfolio with tri-branded locations. Through conversations with Schlotzsky’s executives and franchisees, we felt their principles mirrored our own. Everything from their culture to their partnership approach with franchisees exceeded our expectations. This is an iconic brand that has clearly stood the test of time, and we look forward to introducing it to Philadelphians.”

To be situated in both traditional and non-traditional venues such as train stations, these new locations will feature the brand’s refreshed ‘Lotz Better®’ look. The contemporary design incorporates a bright, vibrant color scheme, tongue-in-cheek phrases, circular-themed photography as well as a newly implemented service model where crew members hand-deliver food to the tables.

With more than 350 locations worldwide, Schlotzsky’s continues its growth momentum by aggressively targeting markets in Texas and in untapped markets around the country including  Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, Orlando, Tampa, Kansas City, Nashville, Phoenix, Raleigh and St. Louis for multi-unit developers. Roddy added that, ideally, Schlotzsky’s plans to have upwards of 700 locations by 2015.

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Schlotzsky’s talks tri-branding, menu revamps

Schlotzsky’s talks tri-branding, menu revamps


A Q&A with Kelly Roddy, president of Schlotzsky’s


November 11, 2011 | By Ron Ruggless


With a reimaging effort completed in half of its restaurants, Schlotzsky’s continues to expand its menu, with pizza and salads among the traditional sandwich offerings, and grow its tri-branded locations with sibling brands Carvel and Cinnabon.


As a result of these efforts, the 356-unit Schlotzsky’s has seen its customer demographics skewing younger and more female, and same-store sales increases continuing for a sixth year, said Kelly Roddy, president of the Austin, Texas-based Schlotzsky’s division of Focus Brands, which also owns Carvel and Cinnabon.


A company spokeswoman said the results have boosted revenue at the remodeled locations for the 40-year-old brand and resulted in new franchise agreements, including 25 for the tri-brand stores in central Texas and New Jersey.


EARLIER: Focus Brands grows tri-branded locations


Roddy spoke with Nation’s Restaurant News about Schlotzsky’s initiatives.


Of your 356 units, how many are the new prototype and how many are reimaged?
We will have 35 of the new prototype and new look open by the end of the year. The entire system will be 100 percent reimaged — having painted all the new colors, all the new graphics, all the new signage, all the new menu boards.


How many are co-branded and tri-branded units?
By the end of December, 165 of the restaurants will have Cinnabon and around 30 will have Cinnabon and Carvel in the tri-brands. Everything that opens starting next year will be a tri-brand. We’re targeting somewhere between 40 and 60 openings next year.


What are the major changes of the reimaging?
We’ve changed the prototype to the more vibrant, hip new colors. We’ve changed the wall coverings from Old World deli style to a new, hip, more relevant art and design with quirky and unique sayings on the wall like “No Shirtzsky’s, No Shoezsky’s, No Schlotzsky’s.” It makes the restaurant more fun. We’ve gone to softer seating with some booths in the restaurants.


Have you made any changes to menu offerings?
All our salads, instead of being packaged, are made to order and served on plateware. All of our soups are served on plateware. We’re also doing “Pick 2” offers in all our restaurants, so you can order a half a sandwich and soup or half a sandwich and salad or soup and salad.


What changes have you seen in customer demographics?
It has brought in a younger demographic and also increased our female customer count. Prior to the new prototype, we were at 52 percent male and 48 percent female. And now we are 52 percent female and 48 percent male. We believe we’ve kept all the male customers and we’ve just increased our customers. Our frequency of 18- to 25-year-olds was our biggest increase. Of the new customers we are seeing in the restaurants, it is mostly 18- to 25-year-olds that increased. The second biggest increase was 25- to 35-year-olds. That’s obviously good for us. Before we were doing anything, we had a 45- to 55-year-old consumer that was pretty much pretty higher income, predominantly male and aging. We needed to attract a younger customer. I think we’ve been able to accomplish that with the healthier menu options and the new, more relevant design.


Do the tri-brands require a larger footprint?
They are the exact same square footage: anywhere from 2,800 to 3,200 square feet. We were at 72 seats before and our newest store here in Austin is going to have 85 seats.


Have sales of any menu items increased?
We’ve doubled our salad sales and our soup sales have increased significantly. This is our sixth year in a row of positive comps.


What’s on the horizon?
We are really going to be going after pizza sales. It’s a smaller percentage of our sales now. We don’t serve it on traditional pizza dough. We use our sourdough bread as the crust. We use pesto and put it through our cheese-melter oven. Rather than being a 20- to 30-minute pizza that you would get from the pizza chains, you can have a made-to-order pizza through the drive-thru in three to five minutes. … We’ve done some tests and doubled the pizza sales.


Have you changed the pizza offerings?
We introduced an entire new assortment of flavors in September. The initiative to drive sales is a marketing campaign that will launch next year. We’ll offer the personal size eight-inch and also a 10-inch. … Right now, less than 10 percent of our sales are pizzas. In the test stores where we’ve put marketing behind it, it’s nearly 20 percent of sales.


Focus Brands is an affiliate of Roark Capital Croup, the private-equity firm in Atlanta, and also owns the Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant brand.

Source: Nation’s Restaurant News



Schlotzsky’s Bringing Food and Jobs to El Paso

Franchise Partner Danny Quintana opens a new Schlotzsky’s-Cinnabon-Carvel in West El Paso at 7040 N. Mesa.

Schlotzsky’s-Cinnabon opens in El Paso

The Schlotzsky’s-Cinnabon in El Paso at 7040 N. Mesa Street is OPEN TODAY! The first 50 people to buy a 6-Pack of Cinnabons will get free Cinnabon for a year! That’s one free Cinnabon Classic Roll every week for 52 weeks! Stop by at 10am for the Chamber ribbon cutting and celebrate with us!