Schlotzsky’s redesigns a Phoenix location with the new “Lotz Better” concept in mind

Schlotzsky’s, home of The Original® round toasted sandwich, has opened a newly designed restaurant in Phoenix with the “Lotz Better” rebranding efforts in mind. The new restaurant is located at 1-17 and Dunlap and features the “Lotz Better” concept.

The “Lotz Better” concept was created to take this quick-service restaurant to a new level. When you visit the I-17 and Dunlap location, you’ll see how. The restaurant décor is hip and trendy, a far stretch from what most people would usually think of when hearing the Schlotzsky’s name. To play homage to the round toasted sandwiches, all of the décor has a “round spin”. Red and green round circles adorn across the walls, modern round chairs sit at each table, and even the light fixtures are round! Schlotzsky’s now appeals to a younger, more hip crowd now with this modern-retro atmosphere. Read more.

Source: The Examiner

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