Hip Chick Trio Rules the Roost at Schlotzsky’s

Austin, TX (March 1, 2010) The chicks are back at Schlotzsky’s and we’ve booked the Hip Chick Trio for a return gig now through May 30. This crowd-pleasing promotion features three of our most popular chicken sandwiches.

First up is the Chicken Bacon Smokecheesy Sandwich, complete with shaved chicken, smoked cheddar cheese, crispy bacon strips and fresh lettuce, tomatoes and onions, topped off with tasty chipotle mayonnaise and served on Schlotzsky’s signature Fresh-from-Scratch® sourdough buns.

Next in the line-up is the Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich, which also features that shaved chicken combined with lean shaved ham, crispy bacon strips, savory Swiss cheese and tangy yellow mustard, all nestled between two famous toasted sourdough buns and served with a side of zesty Dijon-honey mustard dipping sauce.

Last but not least, there’s the classic Fiesta Chicken Sandwich, with roasted chicken breast, smoked cheddar cheese, black olives, roasted red bell peppers and fresh lettuce, tomatoes and onions, topped with tasty chipotle mayonnaise and served on kickin’ jalapeño cheese buns.

“We’re excited to bring these three popular sandwiches back for our guests,” said President Kelly Roddy.  “Our previous Hip Chick promotion was the most successful one we’ve ever had at Schlotzsky’s and with these great-tasting, flavorful chicken sandwiches, we look forward to another successful promotion.”

2 Responses

  1. Where can I get coupons for your wonderful food?


  2. Hi Adela,

    Head over to http://www.schlotzskys.com and click on the “Join Our eClub” link. You can sign up for the Bun & Fun eClub and you’ll start receiving coupons.

    All the best,
    Amanda Palm

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